VisPort is an experimental 'visualization portal', i.e., a Web-based gateway to visualization functionality.

Discovering Science

Multimedia and mobile tools that encourage and support exploration can be particularly useful in an inquiry approach to science learning.


The PercepTable is a display station where small groups of people can get together to view and interact with computer-generated graphics on a table top.

Make A Meal

Make A Meal User Interface for Teaching Nutrition is a computer interface that uses physical objects for teaching about the nutrient contents of foods.


The etx exhibit lets visitors to the Indianapolis Museum of Art look at the IMA art collection in a new way.

Watching Your Watershed

Watching Your Watershed is an interactive exhibit to acquaint Museum visitors with watershed issues.

Visualization of Exploding Stars

In the TSI collaboration, which extended from the beginning of 2002 through the end of 2006, the VIS Lab developed visual representations to capture the dynamics of core-collapse supernova.

Visualizing Covariance

The Inverse Ocean Modeling framework couples inverse modeling elements with traditional forward-running ocean codes. Visualization challenges include visualizing 8-dimensional covariance matrices.


Riverside is an application for exploring a multi-media collection of data gathered as part of a research project in ecosystem restoration.

The Restaurant Finder

The Restaurant Finder was designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PercepTable. Using tools on the table, users choose their preference for location and food type, and the PercepTable shows them their options.


REVITALISE was a two-year program for middle and high school teachers of math and science, aimed at addressing issues of teacher retention and renewal, especially for teachers in rural communities.