Recent News

Lab Student Leaves for Kenya

May 10, 2009

Pascal Olame left today for Kenya, where he will work to upgrade the process of managing 1000's of patterns used in a textile factory.

Moi University, in Eldoret, acquired Rivatex (the Rift Valley Textile Mills) 2 years ago. Rivatex was once a thriving business, but has seen tough times since the mid-90's, when the local textile industry collapsed. Moi University acquired the company to use in research and student training, as well as a commercial venture.

When the University expressed interest in having an IUPUI student take on the job of digitizing the mill's many textile patterns, Pascal was eager to pursue the task. Pascal is majoring in New Media with a minor in computer science. Designing and implementing a solution will be a good challenge for his skills, and the internship will let him spend his summer working to make a difference.

Students Demonstrate Waterwall

May 01, 2009

Chris Basham and Tony Dewan, students working with the VIS Lab, demonstrated Waterwall as their senior capstone project. Tony and Chris are both graduating seniors in the School of Informatics Media Arts and Science program at IUPUI.

Waterwall is an experiment in combining art and technology in public spaces. In Waterwall, a camera mounted in the ceiling captures participants and their activity. That activity impacts a series of waves projected on the wall. The idea is to encourage participants to interact, and perhaps to act in ways that are unusual for them. For more on Waterwall, see the Waterwall site.

VIS Lab Students Attend Tapia Celebration

Apr 10, 2009

Three student members of the VIS Lab returned recently from participating in the 2009 Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing. The conference was held in Portland, Oregon, April 4-6. Ginger White, Pascal Olame, and Mansoor Siddeeq have been working with the Lab for the last couple of years. All three students are undergraduates in the Media Arts and Science program in the IUPUI School of Informatics.

The Tapia Celebration is organized by the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC), and is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in cooperation with the Computing Research Association (CRA) and the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS). The conference honors the significant contributions of Dr. Richard A. Tapia, Rice University in Houston, Texas. Tapia is University Professor and Maxfield-Oshman Professor in Engineering in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics, as well as Director of the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education. Both Indiana University and IUPUI are among the institutions of higher education that support the research and education focus of the conference.

“The Tapia conference was a great networking event. At the end of the conference I was really encouraged to pursue and endure in my academic and professional career,“ said Pascal Olame. In addition to his Media Arts and Science degree, Olame is also pursuing a minor in computer science. Ginger White is also pursuing a minor in computer science and plans to attend grad school in human computer interaction. She commented that “everyone was so nice, and it was great meeting Dr. Tapia”. The positive experience was echoed by Mansoor Siddeeq. "The Tapia Conference was a great experience. Anyone looking to network with like-minded peers in the field of computer science should definitely attend."